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Privacy settings for patient names
Privacy settings for patient names

Restrict patient names from showing up in browser page titles and your external calendar feed.

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Patient privacy is super important, and we want to be sure we give you the tools you need to keep it, well, private! If you're using the external calendar integration, you might not want full patient names to come across—and for general day-to-day use of Cliniko, you may simply want to keep information in Cliniko, and no where else. 

That's where the "patient name display" privacy setting comes in.

Browsers save information—this is handy if you need to use the "browser history" function to recall a page you were looking at earlier, or if you need to bookmark something. However, there are times when perhaps you don't want everything being saved in your browser—including patient names.

Similarly, if you've integrated Cliniko with an external calendar, the appointments that are sent across would include patient names. If you don't want this to happen, you can opt to display just the first name, just initials, or no name.

We've made it easy for you to choose how patient names display in your browser history and page titles and external calendar integration—because things like browser history and a calendar outphone could be viewed by anyone, even when you're logged out of Cliniko.

These are account-wide settings, so whatever is specified here will reflect how each user's browser and/or external calendar displays patient names.

Privacy settings for patient names

Head to Settings, and then Patient privacy:

Under Patient name display, you can select how names are shown in page titles and in the external calendar feed:

For both browser page title and external calendar display, you’ll have the option to select first name, full name, initials, or anonymous:

For example, if you select “Anonymous”, your browser tab/history (and external calendar) will only show the patient’s ID number:

As mentioned earlier, this setting is meant to help give you the tools to maintain patient confidentiality. We want to make it easy for you to ensure that, if needed, patient names are well hidden unless you are actually looking at their details in Cliniko itself!

There's another, somewhat different patient name setting for the Cliniko calendar—this allows you to hide names completely when viewing the calendar in Cliniko itself. Head over here to learn more about that!

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