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Find draft treatment notes
Find draft treatment notes

Find a log of treatment notes based on "draft" or "final" status.

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If you're looking to see which treatment notes might not be saved as "final" yet, you're able to get a list of the status of each note in your account! 

Find draft treatment notes

This function requires a data export, and will only be available to administrators.

Head to Settings, and then Data exports:

Select "All treatment notes" as the data to export (or you can select specific notes based on their template), set your date ranges, and press that Export data button:

Depending on how much data is in your export, it might take a few minutes to generate! You don't need to stay on this page while you waityou can navigate to somewhere else, and then come back here.

Once your file is ready, click the Download button:

The file will download to your computer, and from there, you can open it up in any spreadsheet-reading program on your computer and check out column F, which is "Draft":

If it says "Yes" under column F, it means the note is still in "draft" status. You can also see which patient, appointment, and practitioner that note is related to, and can filter your data further, if needed!

There are a lot of other nifty patient-related reports you can grab, as well—such as who has cancelled or missed their appointment, who has credit on their account,  and even who doesn't have anything booked in the future. Check out the full range of reporting options here! 📊

🚨 IMPORTANT: If you plan to filter your results in a spreadsheet tool (such as Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc.), make sure to delete the filtered rows if you're providing the file to someone else. Filtering by itself does not delete any information—it simply hides it from the current view.

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