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Learn how to schedule recurring appointments for your patients!

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Obviously, you can book individual appointments into your appointment calendar, but you can also schedule repeating ones! This article will walk you through the process of how to schedule the following:

Schedule repeating appointments

Cliniko makes scheduling recurring appointments quick and easy. When you're booking an appointment, you'll see the option to set up a "Repeat":

You'll see there are a few options, and we'll cover them below.


This is pretty straightforward. If you select None, it means this is a once-off appointment!


This will schedule the appointment every day (or every second day, or every tenth day, whatever you select) until you specify it should stop. For example, let's say that your patient needs to come in every day this week, starting Monday. You can book their appointemnt to repeat daily, repeating every 1 day and ending after 5 occurrences ("occurrences" meaning "number of appointments"):

That would then automatically place the appointment on each relevant day, like this:


If someone needs to come in once a week for the next six weeks (or perhaps once every two weeks), this would be what you want! 

For example, to schedule an appointment at 11:00 a.m every Tuesday for three weeks, your "repeat" setup would look like this:

And when you create the appointment, you would see it show up automatically on that same time/day of the week for the specified number of weeks.


If someone needs to book a recurring, every-other-week type of appointement, the process is pretty much the same as scheduling a "Weekly" repeat—the only difference is that you'd have it repeat every 2 weeks, rather than every 1:

Using the above example, the patient would be booked in every other week at 11:00 a.m., for a total of ten appointments.


This option is useful if you need to schedule something for the same day each month—such as the 10th of each month, for example. If you set your repeat options to repeat Monthly, every 1 month, that would do the trick!

The repeat function can be used for other things, too—such as scheduling holidays or setting up your own fortnightly schedule! 👌 

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