If you're using email or SMS reminders, you can specify which appointment types should actually send those out! 

For example, you may not want every single appointment type you offer to send a reminder—luckily, you can be selective!

Select Which Appointments Should Send Reminders

Head to Settings, and then Appointment types:

Select the appointment type you want to work with, and from this page, you can select whether or not it should send reminders:

Be sure to save your settings!

☝️ Note: The reminder settings are global, so if an appointment type has reminders turned off, it means no patients that are booked into it will receive a reminder, even if your default settings say that reminders should be sent. 

You can always verify whether a reminder has been sent or not by checking the appointment! There will be a little green tick mark to let you know that a reminder has gone out:

You can also see a running list of every message that has ever been sent in the Communications log.

You can also specify which appointments should send confirmation emails—head over here to learn how to do that!

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