Create group appointment types

Set up appointment types for classes—or anything that would involve more than one patient!

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The main difference between a "regular" appointment and a "group" appointment is that a group appointment can have more than one person who attends it! This is particularly useful for things like pilates or yoga classes. Essentially, there's one "main" appointment, but multiple patients will be booked into it!

Creating a group appointment type

Creating a group appointment type is going to be pretty much exactly the same as creating a regular appointment type, with one exception—the number of patients who can attend it. 

Head to Settings, and then Appointment types:

Click the Add appointment type button:

Fill in the details, paying close attention to the Maximum number of patients field. It has to be more than 1 in order to count as a group appointment:

You aren't required to include a description or a category, but certainly can if you want!

On this page, you'll find many things that you can do to help make your life more efficient. You may not have come across some of what these settings are referring to just yet, but don't worry! You can also come back and edit an appointment type at a later time!

Here's a quick run down of some of the settings on this page:

Don't forget to click the Create appointment type button, and you'll be all set! 🤗 

Now that you've created your group appointment types, the next steps will be adding them to your calendar, and finally, booking patients in!

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