When you create an appointment, it can be useful to include a note! A note can be seen by anyone looking at the appointment, and can be a handy reference. For example, a note could indicate that a patient has requested something specific, or perhaps that they noted they might be running late on this particular day. Notes are for internal use only, so the patient will never see the content of a note on their invoices or any other communications you may send out to them.

Add a Note to an Appointment

Create an appointment. In the Note field, add your note!

Click the Create appointment button. The appointment will now have a little "note icon", to indicate that a note has been added:

When you view the appointment, now, you'll see the note on a "notepad"-type background:

That's it! That note can now be viewed at any time (and again, it will only be visible internally—the patient will never see this note).

Along with notes, you can also check a patient in or record them as a no-show.

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