If you want to embed your online bookings URL into your website (so that patients don't ever leave your site!), use the handy code snippet below!

<iframe src="https://your-account.cliniko.com/bookings?embedded=true" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="100%" height="1000"></iframe>

 ☝️ Note: The your-account part of the URL is your subdomain—this is where you log in, and where your Cliniko account "lives"! If you're unsure of what your subdomain is, you can find it in your online bookings settings.

Embed Online Bookings in Your Website

Head to Settings, and then Online bookings:

You can find the correct code to use under Code to embed in your website:

You can either give the embed code to your web designer and they can paste the snippet into your site for you, or you can do it yourself! Some website platforms make it pretty simple to embed code snippets—ultimately, it will be dependent on the platform you're using.

Once pasted in, your online bookings will display directly in your website!

To learn more about how to set up your online bookings and different ways you can customise your settings, head over here!

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