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Edit an appointment type

Edit appointment type details in your account settings.

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If you need to edit an appointment type, you can do so easily! Modifying the details of an appointment type will update across the board, with the exception of the duration of previously booked appointments. (For example, if you change something from 30 minutes to 40 minutes, any appointments already booked with that type will still be 30 minutes, and would need to be adjusted manually on the actual appointment.)

Edit an appointment type

Head to Settings, and then Appointment types.

Select the appointment type you'd like to edit from the list of existing appointment types, and make any changes you need.

Keep in mind that editing an appointment type will affect all previous bookings made under this appointment type, except for the duration (which would remain the same). For example, if you change the name of the appointment type from "First Time Patient" to "New Patient", all appointments in the calendar will have the new name.

When you've made the changes, be sure to press the Update appointment type button at the bottom of the screen, and you're all set!

For details on other appointment settings, head over here.

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