Edit an appointment on the calendar

Edit an individual booking on the calendar.

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If you've booked an appointment and need to make some changes at a later date, it's easy! You can simply find the appointment on the calendar and edit it directly.

Edit a booking on the calendar

On the calendar, find the appointment you wish to edit. Select the appointment by clicking on it:

The appointment will expand and at the bottom, you will see an "Edit" button:

When you press "Edit", you will be able to make any changes needed:

If the appointment is part of a series of repeating occurrences, you will have the option to apply the changes to all those repeats.

When you're done, press the "Save changes" button, and the appointment is now edited!

Note that editing an appointment from the calendar is different to editing an appointment type, which changes the overall details of all bookings made under that appointment type.

If you need to see what changes were made, when, and by whom, you can also view the log of changes for any appointment.

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