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See which appointments have completed treatment notes
See which appointments have completed treatment notes

Use the treatment note completion report to see which appointments have finalised notes (and which ones don't).

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If you're writing treatment notes when you see patients, you probably want to be able to keep track of them! The treatment note completion report lets you easily see which appointments have finished notes—and which ones don't.

This report won't include notes for group appointments. It will only include notes for individual appointments.

Using the treatment note completion report

Please note that this report is visible to users with an Administrator role, who can see an overall percentage of completed notes for all practitioners and businesses. This report is also visible to users with the Practitioner role, but they will only be able to see a list of their own appointments and notes.

Head to the Reports tab, and then select Treatment note completion, under Appointments:

A screenshot of the main Reports page, highlighing the Treatment note completion report, which can be found under the Appointments section.

At the top of the report, you'll be able to select the date range, practitioner, and business:

The top area of the treatment note completion report, where you can select from date range, practitioner, and business.

Once you select your parameters, press the Create report button. You will then see a report that shows a summary.

The items in the summary include:

  • Practitioner: the name of the practitioner.

  • Appointments: the total number of appointments included in the report (this does not include group appointments).

  • Appointments with final note: the total number of appointments that have a finalised note linked to them.

  • Finalised same day: the number of notes that were completed on the same day as the appointment.

  • Notes without appointment: notes that have been created, but aren't linked to an appointment.

Below the summary, you'll also see a list of appointments that don't have a finalised note, which can mean no note at all, or just a draft:

The treatment note completion report.

For the appointments that don't have a final note, you can select "Edit draft" or "Create note" to work on a note for that given appointment!

If you need to grab a list of which notes are currently in draft form only (and still need to be completed), the treatment notes data export will be handy.

What does "notes without an appointment" actually mean?

If a note is not linked to an appointment, it would mean the note has been created, but there is no appointment related to it (below is an example of a note that has no appointment linked to it).

Below is an example of a patient's profile with a note that is not linked to an appointment (the first one, without a date below the practitioner's name) and a note that is linked to an appointment (the second one, with a date and apppointment type below the practitioner's name):

An example of the treatment notes on a patient's profile. The first note is not linked to any appointments. The second note is linked to an appointment.

If a note is saved as a draft, it can be edited and linked to the correct appointment. If a note is saved as final, though, it cannot be edited.

For more resources on writing patient notes and treatment notes, head over here!

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