Treatment notes and letters may contain information about a patient that only their practitioner for that appointment needs to see. Cliniko gives you the option to restrict notes and letters, so that only the practitioner who wrote the note or letter can see it.

Restrict treatment notes and letters

Head to Settings, and then General settings:

Under Permissions, tick the box under Practitioners that says "Can only read treatments notes and letters they authored themselves":

Save the settings! From this point forward, Practitioners will only be able to view notes and letters that they themselves have authored. For example, Dr. Sally Smith can see what she has written, but she won't be able to see what Dr. Joe Johnson wrote (and vice-versa).

If you ever want to lift that restriction, just head back to General settings and make sure that box is not ticked:

☝️Note: Administrators will still be able to see all notes and letters, and if a practitioner is also an administrator, they will be able to see everything. 

You can also restrict financials from practitioners, so they cannot see any invoices, payments, revenue reports, or anything finance-related. Check out how to do that here.

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