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Help! My appointments aren't showing up in online bookings.
Help! My appointments aren't showing up in online bookings.

If your appointments should be in online bookings, but aren't showing up, there are a few settings to check!

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If you offer online bookings, it's quick and easy for your patients to book their appointment directly. In most cases, showing appointments at varying times won't be an issue! However, if your available appointments aren't showing up as expected, there are a few things to check. The most common reasons for appointments not showing up online when they should be are as follows:

The "Max appointments per day segment" has too few appointments

If not enough appointments are showing online, it might be that your "segments" are limited! This setting specifies how many available times your patients will see. If the number is too low, though, it can limit what's on offer!

If you want to display a lot of appointments online, you'll want your segments to be set to something high, or "Unlimited".

What's a segment?

A segment is morning, afternoon, and evening. Here's how Cliniko breaks the day into segments:

  • Midnight to 11:59 a.m. is the morning

  • 12:00 p.m. to 4:59 p.m. is the afternoon

  • 5:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. is the evening

When a patient is selecting a time and day, they will see the segments like this:

To specify the number of segments shown, head to Settings, and then Online bookings:

Select a number under Max appointments per day segment:

Save your settings, and you'll be all set!

What does the patient see?

If you have 1 appointment per day segment selected, the patient would see something like this:

If you have Unlimited set up, the patient would see something like this:

The available times will "cycle" to the next one after a time is booked—so if you have 1 appointment per day segment selected, the patient might see 9:00 as the first appointment in the morning. If this is selected, then the next patient would see 10:00 as the next available morning appointment.

Your default appointment type is incorrect

The default appointment type in your practitioner settings specifies the available times that are shown to patients. For example, do you want to display appointments every hour, or every half-hour?

If your default appointment type is set to something too long, it may limit the availability of appointments shown online!

To check this, head to My info, under your name:

This will bring you to your account information page. Click the Edit your practitioner settings button:

On the next page, under Default appointment type, you can double-check what you have set up and change it if need be:

If you're not sure of the duration of your default appointment type, you can double-check it in your appointment type settings:

When a patient is looking at your online bookings page, they'll see when your appointments are available. In the below example, we can see that this practitioner offers appointments every hour:

If you're not seeing appointments on your online bookings page (but there is availability in your calendar), check the duration of your default appointment type—it may be too long, and may need to be changed or adjusted!

There may be breaks or unavailable blocks added to your calendar

If you've checked both the segments and your default appointment type as mentioned above and appointments still aren't showing up online, one other thing to check would be your actual calendar. If breaks or unavailable blocks are added, they may be conflicting with the appointment times you want to offer, and will need to be removed.

What do breaks look like?

Breaks are light grey blocks that look like this:

If you want to edit them or remove them, you can do so by following the steps here in your practitioner settings.

If you want to remove just one or two breaks, rather than editing your entire schedule, you can add a one-off availability over a break. This will "open up" that time!

What do unavailable blocks look like?

Unavailable blocks are darker grey, and can have a title—for example, below, we can see one that says "OOO" on the Saturday:

Generally unavailable blocks are added for a reason, but sometimes they might be added and then actually not required—but forgotten about! To remove an unavailable block, simply click on the block and archive it:

That will remove it from the calendar and open up that time again!

Still have questions, or can't figure out why your appointments aren't showing up online despite all of the above looking like it's been set up correctly? Our support team is happy to help. Just send us a message! 💬

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