Enable multiple time zones in your account

If you operate in different time zones, you can add specific time zones for individual clinics and practitioners.

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If you operate in multiple time zones, you can set up your account so that you can see the calendar in different time zones, book set individual practitioner time zones, and set individual clinic/business time zones.

We have an in-depth overview on how it all works here, but in this guide, we'll simply walk through enabling this setting on your account.

Enable support for multiple time zones

Head to Settings, and then General Settings:

Under Location and Time zone, tick the box under Multiple time zones:

As noted on that page, we do recommend you use this only if you need it!

Once you've ticked the box, be sure to save your settings. Now you have multiple time zone support enabled, and you can customise the individual time zones of your clinic locations and practitioners.

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