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Testing Google Tag Manager integration using "Google Tag Assistant"
Testing Google Tag Manager integration using "Google Tag Assistant"

Google Tag Assistant helps test the Google Tag Manager integration with Cliniko and see which tags are firing successfully.

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Tag Assistant can be used directly from your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account and doesn't require an installation. A browser extension is available if preferred.

Optional: Tag Assistant browser extension can be installed here.

The "Preview" option is available near the top of your Tag Manager Workspace:

Tag Assistant will open in a new tab where you will be asked to input the domain where GTM is installed:

Your Cliniko hosted booking URL can be found in Cliniko, over in Settings β†’ Online bookings:

The booking URL can be copied on the right-hand side, here:

Tag Assistant will load in a separate browser tab and show what's happening inside the GTM container:

This Google support article will help help with using the Tag Assistant:
The Google Tag Assistant will indicate if your integration has been successful or not. If you're not seeing anything appear in Google Tag Assistant, ensure you've given consent for cookies to be tracked.

You can find further details on the Cookie policy here:

If you run into any problems, we recommend checking out the GTM troubleshooting guide. If you can't find the answer you need there, send us a message using the chat icon in the bottom-right! πŸ‘‰

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