Uncancel patient appointments

Restore an appointment cancellation.

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Looking to undo an appointment cancellation for your patients? We’ve got you covered! This guide will go over the quick steps to uncancel patient appointments within Cliniko.

All security roles except Bookkeepers can uncancel patient appointments.

Uncancel appointments

To restore a cancelled patient appointment:

  1. Select the patient you want to uncancel the appointment for, and click on Appointments:

    Appointments are ordered chronologically from newest to oldest, however, cancelled appointments will be indicated by a little label that says “Cancelled", as shown below:

  2. From here, uncancel any cancelled appointments, select the “Actions” drop-down which will be on the ride side of the Appointments list:

  3. Finally, from the Actions drop-down, select “Uncancel”:

Once selected the appointment will be immediately added back to the appointment calendar page 🎉!

Uncancel group appointments

  1. Select the patient you want to uncancel the group appointment for, and click on Appointments.

  2. From here, in order to uncancel any cancelled group appointments, select the “Actions” drop-down (which is located on ride side of the Appointments list).

  3. Once you select “Uncancel”, as long as the attendee list isn't full, the appointment will be restored immediately. If the list is full, you'll see a prompt confirming you want to add the patient back to the appointment:

    Clicking Cancel will prevent the patient from being added back to the group appointment. However, once you click Ok, you're all set 🎉!

  4. The patient will be added to the attendee list immediately:

View history of uncancelled appointments

When viewing the appointment’s log, you’ll also see the history of when it was originally cancelled and uncancelled/restored.

To view the "paper trail" of any appointment, select the View log in the Actions drop-down:

You'll now see all the juicy details about the appointment! From here, make sure to scroll down within the appointment log if you can't see everything at first glance.

If you have any questions about how to uncancel an appointment, reach out to the support team 💬!

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