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Track conversion events with Google Analytics 4
Track conversion events with Google Analytics 4
Measure successful bookings by tracking Conversion events with Google Analytics 4 πŸ“Š
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Tip* ☝️ There are many ways to track activity with GA4. This article are merely suggestion for tracking conversion events and may not be the best implementation to use. It's always worth asking a Google Analytics professional/expert for advice.

Limitation tracking the "referral source" with embedded bookings

If you're using the Cliniko hosted booking portal, please skip to Checklist. The next bit is relevant where Cliniko bookings is embedded on a website.

Embedding the Cliniko booking portal comes with some limitations. It's possible to track visitor sessions, however, it's difficult to keep the "source" of each session. Without the "referral source", it will be challenging to report if the source of the booking was an ad click, social media referral, search engine, etc.

More details on the limitations and a workaround to track the "referral source" can be found here.

If tracking the source is essential, it's worth considering to use the Cliniko hosted booking portal instead of embedding the booking portal.


  • A Google Analytics 4 account;

  • A Google Tag Manager (GTM) account;

  • GTM container ID added to your Cliniko account.

  • Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration tag deployed. Hosted article. Embedded article.

We can use the "Google Analytics: GA4 Event" tag to send a "Purchase" event to Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics: GA4 Event (hosted)

Login to your Google Tag Manager account and select "New Tag" from your Tag Manager Workspace:

Give your tag a title (Top left) and click "Tag Configuration"

Choose the "Google Analytics: GA4 Event" Tag from the list of tags:

Select the "Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration" from the dropdown menu. Enter "purchase" as the "Event Name"

Click the Triggering section here:

Select "Page view" from the trigger type menu:

Set the parameters to:

"Some Page Views"

"Page Path" -- "Contains" -- "bookings/confirmation"

Save. It should look like the following:

"Purchase" events will now be sent to GA4 upon booking completion.

If you're having issues with the GTM integration, please check our "Troubleshooting Tips for Google Tag Manager" guide or reach out to the Cliniko support team. Cliniko offers limited support for issues with the GTM integration and we will do our best to assist πŸ€—

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