If you've ever run a data export, you'd know that sometimes they can take a long time to process—especially if the export is really large (like, a years' worth of appointments!) or if you're running it during "peak traffic" hours (meaning other people are probably trying export a ton of data at the same time as you).

While exports always occur behind the scenes (so you can do other things in Cliniko while waiting for them to finish), it can be annoying to have to keep checking to see if the export is ready. If you want, you can receive an email when it's all finished—meaning you won't need to keep manually checking! We'll walk you through how to set that up.

Sign up to receive an email when a data export is complete

Within your data export settings, simply tick the box that says "Send email when done":

When the export is finished, you'll get an email that looks something like this:

Pressing the Open in Cliniko button will bring you right back to the data exports page, and you can then download the file!

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