Set a patient's time zone

If your patients live outside your local time zone, you can set their own time in their details.

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Within each patient's details page, you can set their time zone. This is handy if you service patients who live outside your clinic's local time zone, and want to ensure that their appointment confirmations and reminders display the correct time, for the patient! (So, for example, if a patient is two hours ahead of you, and their schedule their appointment for 1:00 your time, the communications they get would state 3:00 their time.)

Set your patient's local time zone

Head into the patient's details page, and see what their current time zone is set to:

If the time zone field says "Use account time zone", then this means the patient is currently set to your account's time zone. If this patient lives in your time zone, great! There's nothing else you need to do!

However, if this patient lives elsewhere, you'll want to change their time zone to be correct. At the top of their details, select the edit button, and scroll down a bit. Below the address field, you'll find an area called Time zone:

Again, "Use account time zone" means the patient is set to your account's main time zone. To change this, click on those words, and a drop-down menu will appear for you to select the appropriate time zone. Save the settings, and your patient will now have the correct time zone:

Here's a quick video of the process:

All set! πŸ™Œ This now means that this patient can receive appointment reminders and confirmations in their time zone, as long as you have your templates set up with the "time zone" placeholders. Head over here to learn how to do that.

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