Process health fund claims with HealthPoint

Process health fund claims with HealthPoint—but first, connect your account Cliniko to Medipass!

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Note: Medipass have made changes to their health fund claims processing by phasing out HICAPS and introducing HealthPoint, as of 3 February, 2023.

Through Cliniko, you're able to process health fund claims with HealthPoint (a mobile version of how you'd use a terminal to process health fund cards). First, though, you'll need to connect your Cliniko account to a program called Medipass. While we're not directly related to them, we've worked closely with them to allow for Cliniko to talk to HealthPoint.

Below, we'll walk you through the steps to get your Cliniko account connected to Medipass. (Note that you will need to have an existing Medipass account—if you don't, you can sign up here.) If you have questions about anything Medipass-related, they have a support site which we recommend checking out!

In this article, we'll cover a few key areas:

Read on for all things HealthPoint!

Integrate Cliniko with Medipass

As mentioned, you'll first need to connect Cliniko to your Medipass account.

To do this, within your Cliniko account, head to Settings, and then Integrations:

Look for the Medipass section (it'll be towards the top of the page):

Once there, you'll be able to actually set up the integration—more on that below! 👇 

Understanding the Medipass integration

  • The Medipass API key: The API key is a 32 character string that you get from Medipass. If you need help finding yours, they have a handy guide for you how to set up your Cliniko integration.

  • The Medipass payment allocation: This is how payments from Medipass will be recorded in Cliniko. It affects how payments show up on invoices and reports. You can select any payment allocation type that is right for you.

Once completed with your changes, click Save Medipass settings.

Adding Medipass Provider numbers

If you have entered any provider numbers in Medipass, you'll need to also be sure to enter them into Cliniko in order for the integration to work properly.

To do that, edit your practitioner settings and enter those provider numbers exactly as you have entered them into Medipass (so that they match):

Having your provider numbers in both Cliniko and Medipass will ensure that you can have a seamless experience when using both programs! If you're not sure how to enter your provider numbers into Medipass, we recommend checking out their guide on adding staff members.

Next up, get Medipass up and running for your patients!

Processing health fund claims

☝️Note: Medipass has a very helpful article on how to set up claiming via HealthPoint on their website. We recommend that you have a look at that article, as well, as it has important information that will be beneficial as you begin online claiming with the Medipass integration.

What does the patient need to do?

It's simple for patients! They're not required to have signed up to Medipass, or to have downloaded an app in order for you to send a claim and payment request. We simply send them an SMS to get the ball rolling!

How does it work?

When raising a claim in Cliniko, an SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number listed for your patient. Medipass will then request that your patient enter their private health insurance details, as well as a credit card if there is a gap. It is optional for your patient to save this information to make it easier for them to access and approve the next time they visit your practice. Your patient selects Approve, and they're all set!

Processing the claim through Cliniko

You'll raise an invoice as normal, and then hit the "Enter payment" button:

☝️Note: For easier processing, we recommend that your billable item have the health fund item code in the “item code” field!

The next page will be the payment page. Under Payment summary, you’ll see the option to select Medipass Health Insurance Claims:

If you select “Payment” next to the Medipass logo, you’ll first select which practitioner the claim is related to:

Press “Process payment”, and then you’ll see the patient’s information pop up, along with their service items:

If this patient is not yet in Medipass, you’ll be able to input their details, such as mobile number, date of birth, and health fund:

The service items will default to what was on the invoice in Cliniko, but you can add another item if you need:

When you've added all the items, hit the Continue to Payment button:

At this point, an SMS message will be sent to the patient so that they can approve the HealthPoint request:

If you have submitted the payment in error, you can select Cancel Transaction.

Here’s what the patient will see on their side:

While waiting for the patient to approve the request, you’ll be able to see the status at the top of the screen:

You’ll also be able to see the status on both the payment page, as well as the invoice itself:

And that’s it! 🙌 You’ve now processed a HealthPoint claim through Cliniko (via Medipass), and you can follow these steps for future claims.


As Medipass is a separate company to Cliniko, there might be some cases where it's best if you spoke to their support team about questions or any issues—but feel free to reach out to us first. We're happy to investigate any issues you might encounter with processing HealthPoint claims, though, and if it's something that's more geared towards Medipass, we'll help connect you with their team!

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