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Create invoices for your patients!

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Creating invoices is quick and easy! The best way to ensure that the invoices you create reflect the proper details of an appointment (the date and the practitioner, for example) is to create them through the calendar. Here's how!

Create a new invoice for a patient

On the Appointments page, find the patient/appointment that you want to create the invoice for, and click on it:

A pop-up box will display with the appointment details. Click the Add payment button:

This will bring you to a page for the new invoice, and many of the relevant fields will already be populated with information (because Cliniko "knows" what's supposed to go where, based on the appointment details!):

If you need to change anything on the invoice, you can do so at this time (by adding extra patient information, notes, additional billable items or products, etc.).

Click the Create invoice button, and then you'll be able to enter payment (either now, or later on!). Head over here to learn how to pay an invoice.

You can also edit an invoice later, if need be!

Need to grab a summary of all (well, at least more than one!) invoices for a patient? An account statement will do the job!

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