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Anonymise deleted patient records
Anonymise deleted patient records

If you delete a patient, ensure that their name or other identifying factors do not display on related information.

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If you delete a patient, their associated records will also be deleted from Cliniko—for example, you will no longer be able to access any treatment notes, files, or whatever had been listed in their details page.

However, there are some pieces of information that your clinic most likely needs to retain for its records—specifically, appointments, invoices, and payments.

While a patient's associated appointments, invoices, and payments are not deleted along with the patient, you do have the option to anonymise this information so that it does not display patient details. Follow the steps below to learn how to enable this setting!

Hide deleted patient records

Head to Settings, and then Patient privacy:

Under Patient deletion, tick the boxes next to "Anonymise appointments on deletion" and "Anonymise invoices and payments on deletion":

Save the settings, and you're all set! 👍 Now, if you look in your list of invoices or payments, you'll see that the patient's name has been replaced with "Deleted Patient":

The invoices and payments themselves will also say "Deleted Patient":

They will also show up as "Deleted Patient" in any data exports:

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to let our friendly support team know via the chat button in the lower-right corner! 💬

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