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Create notes that appear on all appointments for a patient
Create notes that appear on all appointments for a patient

Set up notes and alerts that show up on each appointment for a patient.

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There may be cases where you need to put recurring notes on a patient's appointment—perhaps something that your reception or admin staff needs to know when making a booking, or has to be aware of when a patient arrives. 

Appointment notes are just that—notes that will show up on every appointment for a patient, meant to alert staff to something important about that patient.

This article will walk you through how to set these notes up. Keep in mind that appointment notes will be visible to all Cliniko users. Anyone who is booking or viewing an appointment will be able to see these. If you need to include private information that would only be accessible by practitioners, we recommend having a look at medical alerts.

Adding appointment notes to a patient

Find the patient you're after, and edit their details. You'll see the field you're after under Appointment notes:

Add your text, and save. The appointment notes will now show up on the patient details page under their extra information:

These notes will be visible to anyone who is booking the appointment—they'll show up both while creating or editing the appointment:

And they'll also show up while viewing the appointment:

While these notes are recurring, if you need to add a standalone, one-off note to a single appointment, you can do so on the appointment itself

If you need to add general notes to a patient that can be seen by staff, but not shown on appointments, you can add those to the extra information field in the patient's details page.

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