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Cancel a patient's appointment.

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If a patient rings up to cancel their appointment, you can use the "cancel" function to remove the appointment from the calendar, but still have a record of when it was cancelled—and why!

This article will walk you through:

Cancel an appointment

Find the appointment you need to cancel. Open it up, and click the Cancel button:

The appointment will expand, and you can select a reason for the cancellation, and even add some additional notes:

Press the Cancel appointment button, and this appointment will disappear from your calendar (but it's not completely gone for good, don't worry!). Here's a video of the "cancellation process" in action, where you'll see that the appointment disappears from the its original spot:

That appointment has now been cancelled! This doesn't mean it's gone, though. 

Find details of a cancelled appointment

If you need to find the details of this cancelled appointment, there are two ways.

The patient details page

The first is through the patient's details page, in their list of appointments. Anything that's been cancelled will have a yellow note next to it:

If you want the specifics, you can click View log, and that will show you which user cancelled the appointment, when it was cancelled, and what the reason was:

If you're looking for a more "general" list of cancelled appointments, there is another option!

The missed appointments report

The missed appointments report is a handy tool for finding any appointment that might have been cancelled during a certain period of time. It will show cancelled appointments and any marked as "Did not arrive":

Need more automated ways of handling cancellations? You can let patients cancel their own appointments, and you can also set up cancellation notifications for practitioners!

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