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Create custom online bookings pages

Use the bookings URL builder to create unique pages for your online bookings!

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Online bookings are great because they allow your patients to book their own appointments! The "regular" way to offer online bookings is a single web page that shows all businesses, practitioners, and appointment types. This is handy for putting on your clinic's website, as a way to make it easy for patients to select something that works for them!

However, there are times when it would be nice to offer something more selective. Perhaps a practitioner has their own website, and would like to offer only their appointments. Maybe you're offering a special deal and want to create a unique link that you can send to people, just for that deal. There are plenty of reasons you might need to customise your online bookings…and that's why we've created the custom bookings URL builder for you! 👏

Using the bookings URL builder

Online bookings will already need to be active before you can use the URL builder. If you haven't set your online bookings up yet, head over here to learn how.

Head to Settings, and then Online bookings:

You'll notice the Bookings URL builder on the right-hand side:

You'll see a few different things you can customise! Cliniko will allow you to create unique pages by filtering the following:

  • Business

  • Practitioner

  • Appointment type

Once you create your filters, you'll also be presented with a special bookings URL, and this will offer only the information that you've selected. 

Building a custom URL will not affect your "normal" URL whatsoever. You can have as many custom online bookings pages as you'd like!

How the bookings URL builder works

Normally, your URL would show any business, practitioner, and appointment type you've opted to offer through online bookings. For example, here's a clinic that has two locations, three practitioners and a number of different appointment types. This is the "normal" bookings URL:

Screen Recording 2021-09-09 at 10.42.58 AM

There are no custom settings for the above bookings page.

Now, let's say that one of the practitioners has their own website. It doesn't make sense to put the above page on their site, as anyone who looks at it would see they could book with any practitioner. 🤔

We can create a custom URL, and select the business this practitioner works at, their name, and "any appointment type" (to show all the ones they offer):

The custom URL will display under where it says Your bookings URL:

You can also embed the unique link directly into your website!

This is the link you'd want to share with people so that they can view only the custom filters you've selected. See the example below:

Image 2021-09-09 at 10.47.54 AM

As you can see, the patient will only need to select what type of appointment they want—the practitioner is already preselected!

As mentioned, this feature can be used for any number of purposes—a unique link for a single practitioner or business, a special deal your clinic is offering, or perhaps just one type of appointment, but for any practitioner.

If you need assistance with anything online-bookings related, check out this tutorial, or reach out to our friendly support staff! 😊 💬

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