Unarchive a business

Restore an archived business and continue using it!

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If you've ever had to archive one of your businesses, you'll know that while you can still run reports for that business to view relevant details, you can't book appointments there. If you ever need to bring this business back for any reason, you can unarchive it!

Unarchive a business

Find the archived business by heading to Settings, and then Business information:

Tick the Show archived businesses box at the top of the page:

On the one you want to restore, click Edit information:

Hit the Unarchive button at the top, or click the link that says you can restore it (they do the same thing):

That's all you need to do! πŸ™Œ Once it's been restored, it'll show up in your main list of businesses again (as well as on your calendar).

Now, you can book appointments at this location again!

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