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Customise a patient's communication preferences
Customise a patient's communication preferences

Give certain patients a different reminder or confirmation email setting.

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You may have some patients who don't want to get appointment reminders, or want to get something besides your default (you normally send both SMS and email, but they only want SMS, for instance). Luckily, you can give individual patients their own communication settings! ๐Ÿ’ฌ

Customise a patient's communication preferences

Select the patient you want to work with and edit their details. Scroll down to Communication preferences.

From here, you can change their automated reminder type, unsubscribe them from group SMS messages, and opt them out of receiving confirmation emails:

By default, all patients will always receive booking confirmation emails if the appointment type they're booked into has a related confirmation template.

Be sure to save the settings, and once you do, this patient now has their communication preferences customised!

If you set anything up here, it will override the default settings of your email reminders, SMS reminders, and confirmation emails.

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