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Archive a payment

Remove a payment from Cliniko.

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If you've entered a payment in error and need to remove it, you can! "Archiving" effectively removes the payment from Cliniko (and removes it from any associated invoices, as well).

Archive a payment

Only administrators, power receptionists, and bookkeepers can archive payments. Learn more about the different user security roles here.

First, find the payment you want to archive. The payment can be found via the Payments tab:

Or it can be found on the invoice it's been allocated to, at the bottom:

Once you find the payment you wish to archive, you can press the Archive payment button in the upper-right:

You'll be prompted to confirm that you do want to archive the payment:

As long as you're sure you want to archive it, click OK.ย 

That's it! The payment will be archived. ๐ŸŽ‰ If it had previously been allocated to an invoice, that invoice will now be open again.

Need to archive an invoice instead? Head over here to learn how to do that!

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