Recording no-shows

Did a patient not arrive for their appointment? Keep track of it!

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Unfortunately, sometimes a patient might not show up for their appointment. Being able to keep track of these no-shows is handy, as it may impact many aspects of your clinic! Cliniko lets you record patients as "Did not arrive", and you can even run reports to see who missed their appointments.

Record a patient as "Did not arrive"

Head to the Appointments page, and find the patient/appointment who didn't show up:

Click the Did not arrive button on the appointment pop-up:

You'll then see a little "did not arrive" icon on the appointment:

And if you click it again, you'll see that it says Did not arrive:

That's all you need to do! Cliniko will now log this patient as having missed their appointment. If you ever need to run a report on who hasn't shown up, the Missed appointments report will be able to help you out!

Hopefully most patients are showing up, though! Cliniko lets you record people who did arrive, and you can learn how to do that here.

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