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Send a letter to a patient.

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After creating a letter, you'll be able to send it to your patient or other third party, such as the patient's referring doctor! You can download the letter as a PDF and send it from your email address, or you can send it directly from Cliniko (we'll walk you through the steps for doing that here!).

Send a letter to a patient or other third party

Find the patient you want to send the letter to, or on behalf of. Make sure that the letter has already been written!

Click on Letters, and then you'll see a list of existing ones:

Click the Email button:

You will see a few options when preparing to send it as an email:

When emailing a letter, you can:

  • Send the letter to the patient themselves.

  • Send the letter to someone else (like a referring doctor or contact).

  • Send the letter to both the patient and other recipients.

  • Change the subject if need be.

  • Select the email address the letter should be sent from (either the main clinic address, or your own).

  • Send the letter as the content of the email itself, or as a PDF attachment.

  • Add additional body text if you are sending the letter as an email attachment.

Click the Send email button, and that letter will be sent off to the respective parties!

The benefit to sending a letter from Cliniko is that you can have a record of it in the communications log! If you'd prefer to handle things outside of Cliniko, though, you can always download the letter as a PDF, and then either email it from your own inbox, or print it off and send it the old-fashioned, snail-mail way! 🐌 πŸ“¬

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