When your patients make an appointment, confirmation emails will put them at ease and let them know that they're officially booked in! There are just a few steps you'll need to follow.

Setting Up Confirmation Emails

Head to Settings, and then Confirmation emails:

On the next page, you'll see the template for editing your confirmation email:

You're able to specify:

  • The Email subject, and
  • The Email content

The Email subject is pretty self-explanatory—this is what the subject line will say when it's delivered to a patient's inbox!

The Email content can be modified to whatever you need. Cliniko gives you some default text, but you can change it! 

Understanding the Email Content Editor

When you're crafting the content for your appointment confirmation email, we recommend you take advantage of "placeholders"—these are the menu items in all capital letters across the top of the content edit:

What the placeholders do is "pull" applicable content in to the reminder. Using the {{Practitioner.FullName}}   placeholder will automatically result in the reminder showing the name of the practitioner who the appointment is booked with. Cliniko is pretty smart, and it knows who has an appointment, and when, and where—so the placeholders simply tell Cliniko which information to put in the reminders!

You're also able to click the View sample email button at the bottom of the editor to get an idea of what your confirmation emails will look like:

Enable Appointment Types to send Appointment Confirmation Emails.

Now that you've crafted the content for your confirmation email, you'll need to make sure that it's "linked up" with relevant appointment types! 

Head to Settings, and then Appointment types:

Click on the appointment type you want the confirmation email to go out for, and find where it says Appointment reminders. Tick the box next to where it says "Send booking confirmation email…":

Save these changes, and that's it! 🙌

Make sure to follow this same process for all other appointment types that you want a confirmation email to go out for.

☝️ Note: Appointment confirmation emails will go out automatically, two minutes after an appointment is booked. Every time a patient books an appointment, whether it be through online bookings or through a manual booking that was done by a clinic staff member, an email will go out to the patient.

Opting Patients Out of Receiving Confirmation Emails

By default, if you have confirmation emails enabled for your appointments, each patient will receive one. If any patient wishes to not receive a confirmation email, you can set this up on an individual basis.

Go to the patient in question, and edit their details. Under Communication preferences, untick the box next to Receive booking confirmation emails:

Save these changes, and now this particular patient will not receive a confirmation email for any appointments.

As well as confirmation emails, you can also send appointment reminders to your patients! Check out how to set up email reminders and SMS reminders. 🗓

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