You can archive and delete your patients within Cliniko if you need to. If you archive a patient, they'll be hidden from reports (such as the Patients without upcoming appointments report), and you won't be able to add an appointment for them—however, their details will still remain in Cliniko. 

If you delete a patient, all of their details will be gone. We recommend archiving your patients, as this will ensure that they'll still be easily accessible, even if they're not a regular!

In this article, we'll discuss:

Archive a Patient

Select the patient you'd like to archive, and click the Archive button on their file:

You'll then see the date/time that the patient was archived, as well as the ability to make them active again:

An archived patent will show up as grey in the patient list:

If you need to review their details, just click their name—and if you need to unarchive them, click Make them active again!

Delete a Patient

☝️ Note: Only Administrators can delete patients. 

After a patient has been archived, they can be deleted. Deleting a patient will also delete all of their associated records, such as treatment notes, invoices, and appointments. Please keep all legal obligations in mind before deleting a patient!

Find the patient you wish to delete, and click the Delete permanently button:

You will then see a "warning message", which is a last step in safeguarding this process, in case the delete button was pressed in error:

Press OK to continue, and then this patient (and all their associated records) will be deleted.

⚠️ You cannot reverse a deletion once it's happened, so delete at your own risk!

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