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Link file attachments in treatment notes
Link file attachments in treatment notes

Add uploaded patient files into your notes.

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Looking to quickly reference and access any file attachments from within your treatment notes?
While you cannot directly display images or upload new files into a treatment note, you can link to existing files you've previously uploaded to your patient.

Adding a link in your treatment notes for your patient files will allow you to open them in a new tab πŸŽ‰ This guide will walk you through the process.

Adding a file attachment link

First, navigate to the Files section of your patient:

If you're in the middle of editing a treatment note, on desktop, you can right-click "Files" in the navigation menu and select "Open Link in New Window" or "Open Link in New Tab". That way you can display all of your patient files open in another window or tab without navigating away from your draft treatment note.

From here, find the image or document you want to link to from the Files section:

You'll now want to right click on the file attachment and hit copy link address:

Once you've copied the URL, navigate to the Treatment note where you want to add the file link. Within the appropriate treatment note field/text editor, add your text as needed and once you're ready to insert your file attachment URL, select the link button (indicated by a chain link icon):

A pop-up window will then appear where you'll be instructed to your Link (where you'll paste the copied URL) and the Text you'd like to display in place of the long URL:

Select Done and you'll now see your link inserted into the treatment note:

Now that you've added your file attachment link, repeat this process as needed and you're all set!

Just note, you cannot open the file attachment link while you're editing/creating a treatment note. Once you save as draft or final though, any time you select your link it'll open the file attachment in a new tab in your browser:

While you can link to file attachments within your treatment note, did you know you can also add custom body chart images?

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