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How to switch from Twilio Authy desktop app to mobile
How to switch from Twilio Authy desktop app to mobile

Authy no longer supports their desktop app as of March 19, 2024 here are the steps to transition to the mobile app.

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As of 19 March, 2024, the Authy desktop apps for Windows, MacOS, and Linux will reach their end-of-life and will no longer be supported.

While you can still use Twilio Authy's free mobile app, if you've exclusively used the desktop version in the past and haven’t yet downloaded the mobile app, this guide will walk you through the transition process.

Step one: Enable Authy Backups

Currently, Authy (free on the app store) allows you to backup and sync your 2FA accounts across multiple device and device types. For example you can sync your 2FA accounts between phones, tablets, and computers.

If you initially set-up Authy on your desktop app instead of your mobile device, enabling backups will allow you to view your 2FA accounts on your mobile app without having to reset everything 🎉.

To enable backups on the Authy desktop app, you'll need to first open the Authy desktop app and click the Settings icon ⚙️

Authy desktop app with the settings icon highlighted

Select Accounts (in the navigational menu next to My Account and Devices):

Authy desktop app with the accounts icon highlighted in the navigational menu

Turn/on enable backup password:

Authy desktop app with the backup password setting enabled and highlighted

You'll be prompted to enter and re-enter the desired backup password but once you save your settings, you’ll now want to download the mobile app.

Step two: Download Authy mobile app

Once you’ve enabled backups for your account, download the free iOS or Android mobile app for Twilio Authy:

If you see a paid app for Authy, please double check that you're downloading "Twilio Authy" from Authy Inc. The app should be free in the app stores.

From here, open the app and login to your Authy account:

Screenshot of the Authy mobile app login page

You’ll now see your 2FA accounts synced from your desktop app:

If you see a lock icon on any of your accounts, select it and you’ll be prompted to enter your backup/encryption password you’ve set-up which will Unlock Accounts:

Once unlocked, you should no longer see a lock icon on your 2FA accounts.

Now you’re all set 🎉 !

What happens after 19 March 2024?

While the desktop app will continue to work until 19 March 2024, after that point you’ll need to use the Authy mobile app for future 2FA codes.

That said, if mobile apps aren't your preference, here’s a list of alternative desktop apps:

We don't endorse any specific alternative desktop app for 2FA; however, we highly recommend using a separate app for your passwords. This ensures that if your password manager is ever compromised, your 2FA codes will be stored separately, helping to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts.

Reach out to our team if you have any additional questions on setting up Authy or 2FA.

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