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Preload next appointment date on invoice
Preload next appointment date on invoice

Automatically include your patient's next upcoming appointment on their invoices.

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When creating invoices for your patients you may want to include their next scheduled appointment:

Instead of manually adding these details, there’s an easy way to include this information automatically. We'll show you how! 🙌

Add next appointment time on invoices

First, head to Settings, and then Invoices:

From here enable the setting Include next appointment time on invoice:

Once enabled, make sure to save your invoice settings at the bottom of the page.

How next appointment time appears on invoices

Once you save your changes, keep in mind that the next appointment time will appear on ALL invoices. This includes past and future invoices.

The next appointment time displayed on the invoice will match the business' time zone or the time zone assigned to the patient.

Also, the next appointment time is only displayed on the invoice PDF, when printing or emailing the invoice. It will not appear on your end when you’re initially creating the invoice within Cliniko.

To remove the text, head back to your invoice settings and disable the next appointment time setting. When you print or email the invoice, the patient's next appointment time will no longer be listed.

If you have more questions about invoices and preloading information, reach out to our team! We're here to help!

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