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During the telehealth appointment
Disable reactions during telehealth appointments
Disable reactions during telehealth appointments

Turn off video effects and animations during video calls and appointments.

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If you use an Apple device (Mac, iPhone, and iPad), with the macOS Sonoma and iOS 17 update or later, you may have noticed the new Reactions feature.

Using certain hand signals or gestures will cause animations (balloons, rain, fireworks, confetti, lasers, thumbs up, hearts, etc.) to appear across the screen. These reactions will be activated during video calls across various platforms, including FaceTime, Cliniko, and other video conferencing apps.

Depending on your Mac or iOS version, this setting is enabled by default on your device but we recommend disabling this feature to ensure there are no unintended distractions during your telehealth appointments.

Note: Disabling reactions solely affects your side of the video call. The other participant in the call can still use reactions, and you will be able to see their effects. This setting is per application/browser as well.

Disable Reactions on Mac

To turn this feature off on a Mac device, during a video call, select the Video/Camera icon from your top menu bar:

Note: The green Video/Camera icon only appears in the menu bar when a video call is in progress.

From here, select Reactions and it’ll disable the feature (until it’s re-enabled during future video calls):

Now that Reactions are disabled you no longer have to worry about animations distracting your telehealth calls. Keep in mind, this setting is per application. So if you use another browser, app, or video conference tool, make sure to repeat this process as needed. If you use an iPhone or iPad, the process will change slightly.

Disable Reactions on iPhone or iPad

To turn this feature off on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), during an active video call, you’ll want to open your device's Control Center:

From here, select Video Effects:

Finally, tap/unselect the Reactions button to turn it off:

Now the Reactions feature will be disabled for your video calls 🎉! Just note, this setting is per application. So if you use another browser or video conference app, make sure to repeat the above process as needed.

If you have any additional questions about the reactions setting, reach out to the support team 💬!

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