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Assign concessions and automatically apply discounts on services for your VIP patients.

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Interested in establishing unique pricing structures for various patient categories or situations?

Whether it's VIP rates, student discounts, or special prices for packages, you can achieve this by creating concession types and pricing within your Cliniko account.

Note: Concession types and pricing cannot be applied to online booking payments at this time.

In this guide, we'll walk you through:

Create concession types

Concession types allow you to create and manage customized pricing categories for your patients (For example: VIP, seniors, students, family & friends, etc.). You can add as many concession types as needed but we've gone ahead and given you a couple to start with.

To create or edit concession types within your account, head to Settings, and then Concession types:

Screenshot of the Settings page on Cliniko with Concession types highlighted

From here, select the Add concession type button:

Screenshot of the Concession types page with Seniors and Students listed

Update the Name, and then select the Create concession type button:

Screenshot of the new concession types page with Friends and family added as the name

Now that you've created a new concession type, you'll want to set up your concession prices.

Set up concession prices

Once you've set up your list of concession types, the next step is to review and adjust your billable items and their associated concession pricing. When you generate an invoice for a patient with an assigned concession type (and include a billable item with a concession price), they will be automatically billed at the concession rate you've established ๐ŸŽ‰

To add concession pricing, you'll need to head over to Settings, and then Billable items:

Screenshot of the Settings page on Cliniko with Billable items highlighted

From here, choose the billable item you'd like to assign a concession price. Once you access the billable item's settings, you'll find the Concessions section.

You'll see a list of all your current concession types, and you can update the prices for each one (as needed):

Screenshot of Concessions with Student, Seniors, and Family pricing listed

Once you hit that Update billable item button, you're good to go. Keep doing this for each billable item, and we'll move on to the last step of assigning concession types to your patients.

Assign a concession type to a patient

After adding a concession type to your account and specifying a special price for concessions, you'll have the option to assign that concession type to any patient. Once you assign a concession type to a patient, concession pricing will then automatically be applied to future invoices.

First, select the patient you wish to assign the concession type to. You'll then edit their details, and under Billing information, choose the relevant concession type:

List of concession types

Once you Save the patient, you're all set ๐ŸŽ‰

Now that you've assigned a concession type, you'll see the applicable price display on any future invoices that's generated for the patient (just make sure the billable item on that invoice has a concession price set-up). Of course, you can always remove or change the patient's concession type at any time, as well!

Invoice with concession pricing

When creating an invoice for a patient with a concession type assigned, if the billable item includes a concession price, you will notice that the concession type is displayed alongside the billable item, and the price will automatically adjust to reflect the concession rate:

However, when the invoice is saved as a PDF or emailed, the concession type (and reduced amount) will display as follows:

Now youโ€™ll be ready to roll out the red carpet when your next VIP rolls in ๐Ÿฅณ!

Reach out if you have any questions about concessions ๐Ÿ’ฌ.

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