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Add online payment links to invoices
Add online payment links to invoices

Add links to your invoices so that patients can pay their invoices directly online.

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If you've got online payments set up, it means you'll be able to send invoices directly to patients so that they can pay online! One key component of this is that you'll need to be sure to add online payment "placeholders" to your invoice email templates—this will ensure that patients are sent the proper link for payment!

It's easy to set this up. We'll walk you through it below! 🙌

Set up online payment links in your invoices

First, head to Settings, and then Invoices:

On the next page, scroll down to where it says Emailing invoices. If you don't have online payment placeholders set up already, you'll see an alert that says "Stripe payments is activated, but you haven't added the OnlinePayment placeholder to any of your emails":

In all of the invoice and payment templates, there will be a box with INVOICE listed under Email content. This is what you will want to select first:

From there, you will then want to select the OnlinePaymentLink "placeholder" from the list:

Selecting that will "drop" the placeholder into your email template (note that you will want to place your cursor in the ideal spot before selecting the placeholder—for example, you may wish to write something like "You can pay here" or "Below is your payment link", and then the placeholder can be put next to/underneath that:

If you then select the View sample button, you can see an example of what this email will look like. It's just an example, and represents what your patients might see, but each email client and browser will display the end result a bit differently! The sample should give you a good idea, though:

To ensure the online payment link is included in all relevant emails, you will need to add the placeholder to whatever email templates you want to include it in. It won't automatically show up in all the different templates.

After you've added the placeholder to your templates, be sure to hit the Save invoice settings button at the bottom of the page:

That's it! 🎉 Now, when you email invoices or any other documents created from the templates on this page, they will include the online payment link—as long as the placeholder has been added!

To learn more about online payments, head over here.

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