Logging in to Cliniko

How to log into your Cliniko account.

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Logging in is easy-peasy!

You'll need to have a Cliniko account in order to log in—if you don't, simply sign up for the free 30-day trial to get started!

To log into your account, you will need a link to your specific account's log in page. Here's how to get that link!

Firstly, head to https://www.cliniko.com/login/, and enter your email address in the space provided: 

A screenshot of the login page when you are signing into Cliniko.

If you have only one Cliniko account under that email, you'll be brought straight to your Cliniko login page. If you have multiple Cliniko accounts under the same email, you'll be asked to choose which account you want to log into:

A screenshot of the Cliniko login page.

After clicking on the link to the account you want, you will be taken to that specific account's log in page with your email already filled in. Just enter your password and then hit Sign In to get into your account:

That's it—you're now logged in, and can start using Cliniko! 🙌

Having trouble logging in? We can help! You can either email us, or chat with us directly via the "chat bubble" in the lower right-hand corner of this page. 💬

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