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Getting started with the Cliniko Community
Getting started with the Cliniko Community

A comprehensive guide on how to set-up and use Discord

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New to Discord? If so, this guide will walk you through the basics of Discord and our new Cliniko Community Discord Server (launched 1 December, 2022):

We also have a quick getting started video with everything you need to know:

What is Discord?

Discord allows you to chat, and hangout with others within an invite-only space in the form of text, image, video, and audio. These spaces are known as servers and you can join or create servers for several kinds of communities.

We’ve created a server for the Cliniko community (which includes other practitioners and clinics using Cliniko, integrated connected apps, and the wider healthcare community) 🎉!

Creating an account

In order to join the Cliniko Community Server, you’ll need to create a Discord account.

We recommend doing this on a mobile device for a better experience!

  1. First, download and open the Discord app on your mobile device or head over to the Discord Register page on desktop.

  2. Complete the email, username, password, and birthday fields:

  3. Once you fill out those fields, click Continue.

🚨 We highly recommend using a unique password for Discord that is separate from your other online accounts (including Cliniko).

Verify your email

Once you’ve created your account you’ll need to verify your email address.

  1. First, check your email (including the spam and junk folders) for the verification email from Discord.

  2. Click on Verify Email at the bottom:

  3. Once completed, you’re ready to login and fully use Discord.

Log into Discord

To login, if you’re on a browser, head to:

Or you can download Discord on desktop or on certain mobile and tablet devices:

Join our Cliniko Discord Server

The left-hand side or column of Discord is your server list. Any time you join a server, you'll see a small circular logo:

If you do not see the Cliniko logo, to join our server:

  1. First, use the "+" (plus) icon towards the bottom of the server list:

  2. In the pop-up window, select “Join a Server” under "Have an invite already?":

  3. Insert the invite link:

  4. Select “Join Server” and you’re all set 🎉!

Navigating Discord

Within the Cliniko Community Server, you’ll have access to a number of "channels". These individual and separate channels help keep conversations organized:

Before you can interact with these channels or anyone in the community:

  1. You’ll need to make sure your email is verified.

  2. Read and agree to our server rules:

  3. You'll now see some additional channels open up in the channel navigation menu:

We recommend starting with the #choose-your-roles channel in order to open up additional channels specific to your modality.

Selecting roles and location

Within our Cliniko Discord server, selecting your role/modalities will affect access to certain channels. To set or change your role and location:

  1. Head to the “choose your roles” channel, scroll through the options, and click on the appropriate buttons:

  2. Once selected, these will open up additional channels relevant to your selections:

Your location and roles can be changed at any time but just note, removing modalities will affect access to certain channels.

Channel categories and types

Channels are organized within different categories which can be used to quickly collapse and expand the section of channels within a particular category:

If you look at the channel list you’ll also see an icon before the name. These icons indicate the channel type:

  • #️⃣ The hashtag icon before a channel name indicates that the channel is a text-based channel where you can send messages, images, gifs, etc.

  • 🔊 The speaker icon in a channel name indicates that the channel is a voice-based channel. Here you’ll be able to join a conversation over voice or video. You can also share your screen in this channel.

Joining and leaving a voice channel

To quickly join a voice channel:

  1. First, select any voice channel in the channel list (indicated by a speaker icon):

  2. If this is your first time joining a voice channel, you'll then be asked to grant microphone permissions via your device settings:

  3. Once granted, you’ll now see your name listed in the voice channel list and a green "Voice Connected" text indicator and crossed phone icon will appear towards the bottom of the channel sidebar:

  4. To join a voice chat with your connected webcam or to share your screen, click the "Video" or "Screen" button:

  5. If you need to adjust your video or voice settings at any time, click the cog icon next to your username to open your User Settings:

To quickly leave a voice channel:

  1. In the bottom left-corner near the "Voice Connected" indicator and on top your username, you’ll need to click on the crossed phone icon to Disconnect from any voice channels:

Direct Messaging

On the right-hand side of the screen you'll see a list of online and offline community members. Any one listed in blue is part of the Cliniko team and within channels, you'll see a small Cliniko logo next to their name:

Just note, while you can send direct messages to any one in the Cliniko team or community, they may not be responded to. If you need any support, use the chat function within your Cliniko account, or reach out to

If you have any questions regarding Discord, reach out to our support team! We’d be happy to help.

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