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Automatically email online payment receipts

Send a Stripe or Cliniko receipt when your patients pay via online bookings

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If your clinic is currently using online bookings, your patients can pay in advance for their appointment at the time of the booking using the Stripe Integration. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up automatic email receipts.

Set up automatic email receipts

Head to Settings, and then Integrations:

Cliniko settings page

As long as you’re integrated with Stripe, within the Stripe Payment section, you’ll see a drop-down to automatically email receipts for online booking payments:

Stripe payment settings

Current options include:

  • None: no email receipt will be sent at the time of payment.

  • Cliniko invoice: a customised email will be sent at the time of payment (which can be updated via Settings → Invoices)

  • Cliniko payment receipt: default email content will be sent at the time of payment (just note this email cannot be customised at this time).

  • Stripe receipt: a customised email from Stripe will be sent at the time of payment (this can be changed by heading to the Branding page within your Stripe account settings).

Once you make your selection, make sure to save your changes and you’re all set:

Save settings

The next time a patient makes an online payment via online bookings we will follow your automatic email receipt settings!

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