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Email patients a copy of their completed forms
Email patients a copy of their completed forms

Automatically send your patients a PDF copy of their completed forms.

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Secure patient forms are pretty handy—your patients can fill out requested details before their appointment, so all the information you need is right at your fingertips and ready to go. But what if your patients want a copy of the form they completed, too? No sweat, you can enable this as an optional setting, and after a patient completes the form, a copy will be sent to them!

This is an optional setting for each form you have, and can be enabled in your account settings. Only an administrator or power receptionist will have the permissions to set this up. We'll go through the process below!

Send patients a PDF copy of their completed forms

🚨 This setting is unticked by default. The information or data included in your patient forms may be sensitive in nature, so email copies may not be appropriate in all cases.

The first thing you'll need to do is update the form template. This can be done by heading to Settings, and then Patient form templates:

On the next page, select the form you want to work with, and then press Edit:

While in "edit" mode, tick the box under Email a copy to patient (next to "Patient will receive a copy of the completed form):

Save your changes, and make sure to repeat this process for any other forms that you want to automatically send copies of to your patients.

After the patient submits the form back to you, they will be emailed a PDF copy—you can see a record of this in their communications in their personal details. It will be logged as an email, with the title "Thank you for your submission", and then include the title of the form:

A PDF of the form will be attached to that email for them.

For more information on patient forms and how to use them, grab the details over here!

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