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Allocate online booking deposits as account credit, rather than payment on an invoice
Allocate online booking deposits as account credit, rather than payment on an invoice

If you take deposits for online bookings, they can be allocated towards account credit, which can be used towards any future service.

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If you require deposits for online bookings, you have the option of applying the funds from that deposit as "account credit" rather than "payment"—basically, the amount that's paid won't be automatically assigned to the invoice associated with the appointment, but would simply be recorded as credit to be used towards future services (whether it be the appointment that the patient originally booked in for, or something else).

This can be set up for individual appointment types—so some of your appointment types can require that the payment be allocated to an invoice associated with the appointment that's booked, but others will just send that payment straight to account credit—so that you can use to towards any invoice at a later date. We'll walk you through the steps!

Assign online booking deposits to account credit

This guide assumes that you've already enabled deposits. If you haven't done that, please follow the steps here, and then return to this page.

Once you have deposits enabled, select the appointment type that you want to take a "credit deposit" for. Scroll down to the bottom. Under Deposit directly to credit balance, tick the box next to "Add deposit to credit balance without creating invoice":

Update the appointment type! When the patient is booking, they won't know that this deposit is going to be allocated to credit—they'll just see that they are required to pay a deposit:

That payment will then simply show up as credit in the patient's file, and you can use it to pay any invoice at a later date.

Unlike with other online booking deposits, no invoice will be created at the time of booking. You will need to manually create that invoice when the patient comes in for their appointment.

If you have questions about online payments, head over here—or feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance!

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