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Record a patient's pronouns in their details
Record a patient's pronouns in their details

You can specify what a patient's pronouns are in their account details.

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An optional feature included in Cliniko is the ability to record a patient's sex, gender identity, and pronouns. We talk more about this on our blog here, and in this guide, we'll who you how to record a patient's pronouns—and also automatically include them in letters and appointment-related emails!

Set a patient's pronouns

This is an optional feature. You're not obligated to use it, but it's here if you need it!

First things first, you'll want to edit the patient's details by using the Edit button:

It will say Editing patient details at the top of the screen; this means that you're in proper "editing mode". Look for the spot where it says Pronouns, and then press "Select pronouns":

That will expand into a list that looks like this, with the fields completely blank (note that if you leave them blank, "they/them" pronouns are the default):

At the very top, under Nominative (subject), you can select from a preexisting list of pronouns, or specify something else:

What you select under Nominative will populate the additional fields accordingly (in this example, we've selected "she" as the nominative:

You can individually edit the other fields (accusative, possessive, etc.) if you would like, but if you don't, they will remain populated based on what you've selected for the nominative. Save your changes, and you'll then see the pronouns listed under the patient's general information:

If you click "Show sample sentences", you'll see a list of examples (basically, how the pronouns would be used when discussing this patient, or how they'd show up if used in letter or appointment email templates):

That's it—you've recorded the patient's pronouns! In addition to being visible in the patient's details, the pronouns will show up on their appointment, visible to any clinic member who may be booking/editing appointments:

There's nothing else you need to do at this point, unless you wish to incorporate pronouns automatically into outgoing communications (such as letters or appointment confirmations/reminders). We'll walk you through how to do that over here!

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