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Help! I'm trying to print a report and it looks bad.
Help! I'm trying to print a report and it looks bad.

If you're trying to print a report from Cliniko but the edges cut off, you'll want to adjust the margins within the print settings.

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Cliniko has many different types of reports that you can generate and print out, which can be handy! What's not handy is margins getting cut off, therefore making these reports unreadable. Luckily, you'll generally be able to fix this by adjusting the print settings within the browser, and your reports will come out just fine.

Different browsers will have different settings, and there will be different processes to "fix" the margins in each browser. (For example, something printed from Chrome will have different settings to something printed in Firefox or Safari.)

Fix margin issues when printing reports from Cliniko

If a printed report looks bad (the edges are cut off or something appears to be missing), you most likely need to adjust the margins. This won't be done from within Cliniko, but will instead be done via the browser's print settings.

Each browser will be different, but in general, you should be able to adjust the settings from the "print preview" page. The settings should be set to "Default", but if any changes have ever been made to them in the past, it's possible that they need to be reset to "Default", or need to be changed to something else.

For example, take Google Chrome. This is what the "print preview" page looks like:

Under "More settings", we can see that the margin is set to "Default", but it can be changed to "Custom" if necessary.

Each browser will be different, and the version of the browser and type of computer you're using may also impact how the settings and "print preview" look. There isn't really a one-size-fits-all, because the settings on Safari are going to be different than the settings on Chrome, and even the settings on an older version of Safari will not be the same as the current version.

If you run into margin issues when trying to print reports from Cliniko, the first thing we recommend doing is trying to modify them within your browser's printing settings. If you're still having trouble, please reach out to our support team—we're happy to help!

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