If you're using Cliniko's online payments feature, it would mean that you've connected your account to Stripe, the secure payment processor that's used for all online payments.

Your patients might not care about which payment processor you're using, but if you'd like to put their minds at ease so that they know their money is being handled securely, you have the option to add a little badge that says "Powered by Stripe" to the payment page.

☝️Note: This is an optional setting, and you don't have to turn it on if you don't want to! It's simply available to use if you'd like to let your patients know how their payments are being processed.

Add a "Powered by Stripe" badge to online payments

To enable the badge, head to Settings, and then Integrations:

Within the Stripe Payments section, turn on the "Show Powered by Stripe" badge:

Save the settings. Now, when your patients reach the payment section of their online booking, they will see a little badge that says "Powered by Stripe" under the Payment heading:

As mentioned, this is an optional setting. You only need to use it if you want to! For more information about online payments, head over here.

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