Import a patient form template

If you have a premade patient form template from another Cliniko user, you can import it into your account!

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If you or one of your colleagues has exported a patient form template and wishes to share it with someone or use it in your own Cliniko account, all you'll need to do is import the file. We'll walk you through the steps!

Import a patient form template

First, head to Settings, and then Patient form templates:

Press Import Cliniko file:

Navigate to the area on your computer where the exported template is stored (a good place to keep it would be on your desktop!).

Select the file (it will be the .json file that had previously been exported from a Cliniko account), and import it.

Below is an example of what the file selection window will look like on a Mac. You can see the file is titled "Patient form.json":

Import it, and it'll now live in your Cliniko account! You can use it as-is, or customise it even further.

If you try to open the file on your computer (before you import it), it'll look like a bunch of gibberish! This is expected, as the file can only be "read" once it's been imported into Cliniko.

If you want to create your own patient form templates, head over here to learn how!

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