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Undo a refund

If you've recorded a refund in error, don't worry—you can undo it!

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If you're recorded a refund in error, don't worry! You can easily undo it or void it by archiving the credit note that the refund created. In this guide, we'll show you how to undo a refund, therefore putting everything back to normal!

Undo a refund

You will want to select the Invoices tab on the sidebar, and then find the refund you want to undo (it will be labelled with a little flag that says "Credit note"). In the example below, we're going to undo the one at the very top of the list, which is for patient Emily Smith:

On the next page, which says Credit note, select the Archive button:

This will remove the credit note entirely, and the original invoice will be back to being paid as it was previously. You'll also see a little confirmation note back on the Invoices page, which will tell you that the credit note was successfully archived:

If you'd like to know more about refunds, head right over here!

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