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Recording a refund: turn what was paid into account credit
Recording a refund: turn what was paid into account credit

Rather than refund money back to your patient, convert the funds into account credit, to be used towards future services.

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If a patient has paid for something, but for whatever reason, that thing doesn't happen, and you wish to apply the money they paid towards a service in the future, you can do this by reversing an invoice and creating a "credit balance".

It's quick and simple to do this, and you'll easily be able to see which invoice was reversed (which will be helpful for youre record-keeping needs!).

Convert a payment into a credit balance

Find the invoice that the payment was originally applied to. Press the Reverse button at the top:

When pressing that, it will show you a new area that says Credit note items, and it. will reverse every item on the invoice by applying a negative quantity, and therefore a negative total:

You can certainly amend what's being listed as negative—if you're only refunding part of the invoice, for example, you can adjust the quantity or the unit price, which will in turn adjust the total amount. However, for most "credit balance" scenarios, you would most likely reversing the entire payment, not just a portion of it.

To complete the process, you'll want to press the "Create credit" button (not the "Create credit & refund one"), as in the example below.

This will then automatically reverse the invoice and create an account credit, indicated as a credit balance:

At the bottom, you'll see that this credit note has been allocated to account credit—and that's it! You don't need to do anything else to create that account credit—you can simply use it to pay for any other invoices that may be raised for this patient.

For more information on account credit and refunds, head over here!

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