Often clinics will take payment for a package of several treatments at once, and will need a way to track who has paid how much, and when that credit runs out. 

Cliniko has some handy tools to help with managing this! In this article, we'll discuss:

Record a prepayment for a patient

Head to Payments, and then click the Add payment button:

☝️ Note: If you're adding a payment for a new patient (i.e. someone who's never had an appointment at your clinic before), you'll need to create their profile before you can add a payment for them.

Choose the patient, and then add the amount they're paying into the Payment source field. Feel free to add a note so that you know what this payment is for:

Scroll down to the bottom. If the patient has no open invoices, you'll see a message that says as much, and that the payment you're adding will add credit to the patient's account:

Click Save payment. You will then see the new payment you've just added, and it will indicate the amount that's been allocated to credit (which should be the same as the amount you entered earlier!):

☝️Note: Account credit is displayed on the patient's details page, and while creating invoices and payments for that particular patient—so you'll always know exactly how much credit they have remaining:

That's the first step! Next up, learn how to apply that credit to invoices!

Pay invoices using account credit

If a patient has credit on their account, Cliniko will automatically use this to pay for open invoices!

First, you'll need to create the invoice. Head to the Appointments page, and find the patient/appointment you need to create the invoice for, and click on it:

Click the Add payment button:

Modify the invoice if need be (add/remove billable items, products, etc.), and add a note if you want, to help indicate that this invoice is being paid for via credit:

Then click the Create invoice button.

On the next page, you'll see a message about how much existing credit the patient has, and it will say $0.00 remaining in the Payment summary box:

☝️ Note: Do not enter anything into the Payment source field! Feel free to add a note (this will help you to keep a record of this payment being made with credit), but be sure the payment total is listed as $0.00:

The $0.00 "payment" might sound weird, but stay with us! At the bottom, under Apply to invoice, you'll see an Account credit column, and this will have a number in it that matches the amount owing on the invoice:

This is because Cliniko knows to "pay" the full amount of this invoice with credit!

Click Save payment, and this will bring you back to the invoice. You'll see that it was "paid" via credit:

If you were to click on the payment details (the link with the date below Payments on the invoice), you will see something like this:

You'd see that the total payment was $0.00, and that it was applied to the invoice we just worked with.

Why is the total payment amount $0.00?

Because we already entered the actual payment in step one—when we took the prepayment! 

If you go back to the patient's file after paying an invoice via account credit, you will see that the amount of credit they have has reduced accordingly (in the example below, this patient originally started out with $500, but now has $450 remaining):

You'll want to repeat the above steps any time you need to "pay" an invoice with account credit!

☝️ Note: If you've integrated Cliniko with your Xero account, please keep in mind that payments made via account credit will not sync over. The invoices will sync over, but they will remain as open in Xero (even though they would be closed in Cliniko). You would need to manually record the payment against that invoice in Xero, if it was paid via account credit in Cliniko. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with our support team by clicking the little "chat bubble" in the lower right-hand corner!  💬

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