Troubleshooting video and sound on an iPad
If you're using an iPad and having problems with telehealth appointments, this guide will offer some solutions.
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If you're on an iPad, use this guide as a starting point for troubleshooting telehealth appointments. Most likely, if you're encountering problems, they'll have to do with your microphone and camera. We'll go through the various ways to check your settings!

☝️Note: Safari is the only browser that will work for telehealth on an iPad. If you're using Chrome or Firefox on your iPad, telehealth will not work.

Troubleshooting telehealth on your iPad

☝️Note: You'll need to be on iOS 12 or above in order for telehealth appointments to work properly. Learn how to update iOS here.

When you try to connect to a telehealth call from your iPad, Safari is going to ask if you want to allow the site to use your camera and microphone:

Pressing "Allow" should get everything to work as normal, but if you press "Cancel", then you're going to have to inspect the settings to fix it up.

Typically refreshing the page will fix this—you'll be prompted again if you want to "Allow" access, and as long as you press that button, you should be set!

If that doesn't work, then you're going to want to go into your iPhone's Settings app. Find Safari from the list, then select Camera and Microphone:

Select those (one at a time), and check the settings—there should be a checkmark next to Ask or Allow:

Then, go back to your telehealth appointment, and refresh the page. You should now be able to get sound and video playing through Safari!

☝️Note: The instructions above are specific to playing video and sound through Safari. If you're trying to get an external camera or audio device (such as headphones) to work and the Safari instructions don't work for this, you may need to look into the app settings for those specific devices.

If none of the above helps, our support team is certainly able to have a look and see what might be going on. Just send us a message and we'll see what we can do!

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